Guys We made it into another year that isn’t that awesome ? God has been so faithful and I will forever be grateful for that. I look at every new year , month , day as an opportunity for growth and to be a better person . I have taken out time to reflect on 2016 and how I have learnt from many experiences. Starting a new year is usually fun as I have spent good enough time thinking, going back to the drawing board , setting out my priorities for Iamdodos Blog, and my work habits for this year. 

Have you taken some time to get your priorities in order? I’d love to hear how you are starting 2017 with a bang.

Happy new year and here’s to all the success !!

Rocking this ball dress from Ibilola Ogundipe 👍🏾



2 responses to “01.01.17”

  1. Ibibiofame says:

    Your dress is beautiful!
    2016 wasn’t exactly a bad year. Sure I didn’t get the one thing I had hoped for when the year began but being alive and being able to do the regular every day things we don’t think about is something to be thankful for!
    Here is hoping that 2017 is even better!
    Happy New Year

  2. S says:

    Hi, where did you get your cartilage ring from?

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