Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial

Products Used:
Mary Kay Foundation 607 & 507
Mac Concealer
Mac Foundation 9.5
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (Dark)
Mac Currant Lip Liner
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in
Sigma Kabuki Brush
Real Technique Flat Concealer Brush
Real Technique Blending Brush

STEP 1Step 1: My face had already been primed using the MUD face primer, I also did my eyebrows and eye shadow.


Step 2: I applied Mary Kay foundation using the flat Sigma kabuki brush.


Step 3: I used a flat concealer brush to highlight using a concealer that is two shades lighter than my usual colour (depending on the look you are trying to achieve). I then applied the concealer under the eyes to the high part of my cheekbones to define my cheeks, in between my eyebrows, and the bridge of my nose and chin.

Step 4: I used the blending brush to contour using a darker concealer (in my case I used a darker foundation – Mac 9.5) directly under my cheek bones, the sides of my nose bridge and one inch above my temple to add more depth to my face.
STEP 10Step 5: I blended the areas that were highlighted and contoured using a flat kabuki brush.


Step 6: I set the highlighted areas (under eyes, highest point of cheekbones, nose bridge and in between my brows) with Ben Nye Banana Powder using a beauty blender/wedge. Blend, blend, blend.
STEP 12 STEP 13Step 7: I used a dark brown blush to emphasize areas I contoured earlier (under cheekbones, sides of my nose bridge). You can use the dark brown shade in any contour palette. Blend away!

STEP 14 STEP 15Step 8: I applied pressed powder all over my face while carefully blending it in.
Step 9: I applied blush to the apples of my cheeks. The blush I used is highly pigmented and creates a bronzy effect so I just substituted it for a highlighter. If yours isn’t as pigmented, you can add highlighter as well.

STEP 18Step 10: I applied lip-liner and lip stain.

Here’s the final look




37 responses to “Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial”

  1. Winifred says:

    I love the look! Do you like your Marykay foundation? Mine transfers easily and doesn’t last.

  2. nonye says:

    It’s a great tutorial!

  3. Bemi says:

    Gorgeous! Is that a foundation palette? What brand is it… I need it in my life… Ps super proud of you for doing this!!

  4. theisokogirl says:

    Gorgeous,I have that asos dress….

  5. Mayowa says:

    Super Amazing!!!!! My favorite blog now.

  6. Yaaas for this tutorial! Just what I needed. Thanks!

  7. cece says:

    Gorgeous! you should make a video

  8. LoveFromDrey says:

    I love Mary Kay foundation’s great quality for such a small price, loved the final look.



  9. agatha ajawu says:

    i totally luv u!! no homo*** pls wat iz d name of d blush/eyeshadow palette in d step 12 picture…i need ds one cos i must be like u

  10. Stephanie says:

    Please where can I purchase the kabuki brush set? The 4 pieces set I saw it and really liked it

  11. agyasin says:

    Hi which pressed powder did you use?

  12. Ade Ade says:

    How do feel about setting sprays? Are they necessary ? First time here and I’m loving it

  13. Precious M says:

    Hi dearie!! Just found your blog!! Your pictorials are super awesome! great contour and highlight tutorial!

  14. syl says:

    I don’t know why it took me this long to find your blog. Totally love it. Tried it but had issue blending. Do you have classes? Was it the zaron nude eyeshadow u applied and wat did u use to line your waterline? Thanks

  15. Shakirah says:

    hi dudo, i luv everytin bou what m seeing here…….. i really have interest in knowing it deeply………. where can i get d above named product in osun state?

  16. Shakirah says:

    Where do u reside? wana acquire dis from u… kindly drop ur digit………

  17. joy iyanobor says:

    Hello…….am new here…..but am loving ur blog……..nice work

  18. larabel says:

    I do ve oily face, whenever I applied my foundation its doesnt last longer.what if I dnt ve a concealer can I still do my eyebrow d way u did ur own? gudwrk

  19. peace says:

    Like this tutorials, thanks dodos

  20. Dharmiee says:

    I use Marykay 607 foundation only nd I don’t use concealer, what lighter version of Marykay foundation do you think I should use for highlighting and contouring pls nd if I wanna get a perfect contoured face, is it necessary to use concealer, if yes, which will you advice ?

    • I AM DODOS says:

      Hello Darmie , you can highlight with using MaryKay 507 and contour 708. However for best result concealers are better because they don’t move easily unlike foundations.

  21. Titi says:

    Hi, you didn’t tell us how you highlighted your cupids bow and why.

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