Egg Planting

Tunde K. Mason for

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.comTunde K. Mason for Tunde K. Mason for Tunde K. Mason for Tunde K. Mason for

Trousers : Sisiano | Top : Asos | Shoes : Zara | Sunglasses : Topshop | Neckpiece : Mango | Bangle : Micheal Kors


17 responses to “Egg Planting”

  1. Sarah Audu says:

    Those are some amazing pants! I love how you styled it with the crop top.
    Princess Audu

  2. Chinedu Ajaegbu says:


  3. Happy says:

    Hi Dodos, first time visiting your blog.
    The pants look really nice. I tried finding Sisiano online, but didn’t find a website.
    Where can one purchase them from? Thanks.

  4. you are seriously flawless!! this entire outfit is nothing but fabulous!!

  5. Grace says:

    Loving the look esp the pants…

  6. louisamoje says:

    Girl, werk it!! Been glued to your blog and all these looks are a breath of fresh air. I have a new post and video up 🙂 Please check it out and drop a comment when you get a chance.


  7. ForStyleSake says:

    Those trousers are fab! Gorgeous.

  8. ShayShay says:

    Hi Dodos,

    PLEASE!! What have you got on your lips, I’ve tried literally everything to achieve that exact shade! HELP!


  9. Esther says:


  10. ubuwan says:

    I need those pants!

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