Eyebrow Tutorial

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Products Used:
Eyebrow Pencil
Nyx Full Coverage Concealer (Dark)
Mascara Wand
MUD Flat Defining Brush (401)
Sigma Blending Brush (E36)

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Eyebrows before filling.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Step 1: I brushed my brows using a clean mascara wand.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Step 2: Start off with light (emphasis on ‘light’) strokes at the bottom of your brow.

P.S. Never start filling from the front of your brows to avoid harsh lines and to achieve a more natural look. You can get a little darker at the tail to define the brow.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

You can also outline the top part of your brow following the natural curves.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Step 3: Then you can go in and start filling in the brows, again, lightly extending it to the beginning of the brows.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

This is what it looks likes before brushing with the mascara wand.

Notice the starting point of my brows do not have as much product as the end.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Step 4: I started brushing from the arch dragging it to the beginning part of my brows.

This helps to blend in the brow pencil to my skin and remove harsh lines.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

After doing this you’ll notice that the product used (in this case pencil) will spread towards the beginning part of your brows as seen in the image above.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Step 5: Using the flat defining brush and concealer, I used the concealer to define the lower part my brows starting from the arch working inwards.

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Use your exact shade of concealer (in my case I used the same concealer as the bottom) to define the upper part of your brows (optional).

Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Step 6: Blend out the highlighted areas.


Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

Photography by T. K Mason (@themaseface)


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  1. FK says:

    Lemme come and learn o!

  2. mama says:

    how to manage a scattered eyebrow, to get this result

  3. Anne says:

    Can you pls do a post on how to make your makeup last ALL day… Well most of the day..I have oily skin esp T zone and at the end of the day my makeup is all over the place… Eyeliner smudged…crease lines etc. HELP!!! Lol!

  4. galfrend says:

    Help! My face has been made ugly due to d pimples which later turn to darkspots. What can i do

    • I AM DODOS says:

      Hello, try exofliating, use facial cleansers and Toners( Clean n Clear) is good.

    • Obehi omonua says:

      Instead of using scrubs and cleansers leave face alone n stop popping ur pimples, avoid touching your face because d hands wen not washed carries bacteria that cause pimples, always wash off makeup from the face, keep brushes n powder puff clean because they are breeding grounds for acne causing bacteria. To clear pimples and black heads make a paste from bitter leaf and apply to clean face allow it dry and fall off, rinse with warm water in the morning and also blend garlic and honey to paste and apply to clean face allow to dry in the evening rinse off with warm water. For scrub try sugar scrub within a week u would notice wonderful changes.

  5. Mariam says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Please how can one manage scattered lashes?

  6. yemi says:

    I like simple makeup like d 1 in dis pix. Problem is I don’t know wot exactly to buy not to talk of how to apply dem. Kindly give me some tips. Tnx

  7. ensee says:

    Can a silicone base help make-up to last all day??

  8. Charity Longjohn says:

    Real good @ D but how can one register in order to learn more and better.

  9. kindness ogueri says:

    Tnx alot for the tutorial

  10. oluwatobiloba says:

    Wish to learn more

  11. olayinka says:

    I luv dis,so so interesting

  12. noimot says:

    how can I make up like now what can I but on my face that my face will not get sweat …. can I use concearal first, face prime , foundation pls help me out

  13. Onyii says:

    List the other lady said,how do we manage a scattered eyebrow to get this type of result and which prncil is the best for the eyebrow

  14. Onyii says:

    I also need some pictures/tutorial on how to carve a perfect eyebrow for it to look like the ones in these pictures.

  15. isioma says:

    My eyebrow is scatter n few.I donot like much make up.hw do I managed my eyebrow to get dis kind of result

  16. chinny says:

    Hi dodos, u made makeup look so easy. If one is to learn from u, i mean physically. What does it take? i would love to know.

  17. Grace Hogan says:

    this is nice. Please can you enlighten me on how to combine eyeshadow colours? I do a lot of colour riots most times

  18. Christy says:

    U r doing a very amazing job. Pls wat can I do I’ve got acne n a very oily face, n pls tell me wat n how to use diff products n brushes n hw to Ve a perfect makeup tru out d. Day. Thank u.

  19. eniolorunda says:

    Tanks Dodos

  20. oluwafemi adenike says:

    What kind of cream can I use for me face, is too rough and dark

  21. damilola says:

    Woow I love dis but ave goh a rough face wat can I do?

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    I AM DODO’s, pls i just wanna ask if i can make use of foundation if dere is nt concealer for d eyebrow?

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    pls i want to ask if u teach people how to make up becos i am intrested.if it require any tin just let me knw.i have a oily face an it cause a lot of pimples on my face which later turn black.wat can i use.

  24. omolara says:

    and i wat my face to be soft and smooth wat can i use to treat it wat type of cream can i use i am dark in complexion

  25. Ng says:

    Thnks Dodos 4all d beauty advice bt pls i wnt 2ask which particular clean n clear facial cleanser do u recommend cos der r different types of clean n clear facial cleansers. Thnk u.

  26. moyinoluwa says:

    tankz for the tutorial. plz how to manage the eyebrow dat is nt full to achieve dis.

  27. glory itam says:

    Well done. I love your look.

  28. nifemi says:

    pls what is d name of d pensil use here

  29. zuqx says:

    tnx 4 d tutorials dea…!

  30. Nkoyo says:

    Where can I get the products?

  31. Emem Udoh says:

    Thanks for de tutorial

  32. Elfreda says:

    I grow hair under my jaw and I use shaving stick and now I have serious black spot. what do you advise I use or do.

  33. Temmy says:

    Good work, keep it up dear

  34. Daniel Titilayo Ololade says:

    Nice1…love dis

  35. fonzy says:

    This is very helpful, tnx a lot

  36. Boomni says:

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    that’s a beautiful work you have there…. please I need more tutorials on makeup..

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    Pls what can I use to get rid of sun(dark circle)around d eye caused by anti pimples n spots cream,n pls recommend powder for oily face thanks

  41. esther hanson says:

    Sunburns I meant to say

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    Great work!! Hw do clear cosmetic nd sun cheek burns pls?

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    Thanks for the tutorials,how can I locate you?

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    Thank u very much for the tutorial

  56. christerbel says:

    plz I need ur help………my face hsnt always bn D’s bad………..pimples dt leta on turn to black spots and dy av ended up making my face dark and rough……….av tried so manytnz bt dy r not working……….plz I need ur help on wt I should use to eradicate ds mess on my face………….plus could u help me with a lightning cream bt not1 dt will end up bleaching me plz………tnx

    • I AM DODOS says:

      Hello Christabel, lemon and lime are natural lightening products however if you use consistently it could burn. I suggest Lemon/Lime and honey as a mask leave for 3 mins and wash off this can be done 3 times a week.

  57. liz says:

    Thanks for d tutorial, quite interesting. Pls send it to my mail box.

  58. vickie says:

    Thanks much dodas I appreciate this but wats T.zone and wie in Abuja can I get the Mom to make my make up last longer

    • I AM DODOS says:

      Hello Vickie, the T-zone is the forehead down the bridge of your nose. You can get milk of magnesia from any drugstore or pharmacy. However for daily use I advise the Becca Ever-Matte finish perfector from Sephora. Amazing!

  59. I AM DODOS says:


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