Iamdodos X MirrorMe


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Hi Guys,

I am excited I finally collaborated with the beautiful Fisayo of MirrorMe , we’ve has discussions about collaborating  for a while now .

Fisayo had a photoshoot which I was in charge of makeup and we thought to quickly blog, I cannot wait to share the photos with you guys. Her style is everything,it was so much fun as we laughed at  the tricks we bloggers do while shooting. We shot at foreshore harbour Ikoyi, this place is beautiful.

My Outfit Details

Shirt: ZaraMan | Trousers: WanniFuga| Shoes: Boohoo| Sunglasses: Dapmod |Bangle: Nuella Micheals |

Fisayo’s Outfit Details

Top: Endless Rose | Jeans:ASOS| Shoes: Christian Louboutin

5 responses to “Iamdodos X MirrorMe”

  1. edith says:

    You sure had fun while doing this….

  2. Asmau says:

    Are you wearing heels or flats?

  3. Mysranne says:

    Glad to have you back…. Love love love your headwrap…….

  4. dleonalife says:

    This gives me life. I love everything about your outfit. Fisayo I need all your tube tops pleasssssssssse.


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