Istanbul Diaries- Day Four

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Day Four was a pretty exhausting day. I started out running errands for my Mum (yes, even while I’m in Turkey my mother finds a way to make me run errands for her. Only her.)  After that I had breakfast at Sultahnamet and I tried Turkish Tea! I don’t know how I feel about it, I’m not really a tea person though so maybe that’s why.

I then set out for The Grand Bazaar (one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world) and then the Spice Bazaar is the center for spice trade in Istanbul. In recent years, many of the spice shops are being replaced by other non-spice dealing shops.

Kaftan : Ifyoo | Trousers : Sisiano | Sunglasses : Dapmod | Sandals : Asos | Handbag : Micheal Kors | Wristwatch : Marc Jacobs|

3 responses to “Istanbul Diaries- Day Four”

  1. Kechinyere says:

    Hi Dodos, from your diaries, Istanbul looks lovely. I am thinking about travelling, but worried if I can go by myself. Do you think a solo female traveller would have much fun there? Thanks

  2. lildaintychic says:

    wow! just discovered your blog through your instagram page and I have just had fun all the way… this is both fun and educating. I love what you do, keep it up and keep going places… Really wish I can get to meet you.

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