Istanbul Diaries- Day Three

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Day three. I can’t tell you guys how magical this place is, there’s no way to describe it in all its entirety.

I went to Prices’ Island today. I heard about it from a friend I met on this trip. It’s a chain of about 7 islands off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey, in the Sea of Marmara. I was super excited because I was told they have amazing beaches so my excitement was at peak levels. I got on the Ferry at Bostanci which was pretty cheap (1.75 TL) and the view was just out of this world. Unfortunately I have been having issues with my camera settings so it’s not very clear in the pictures but you can see the whole of Istanbul; the mountains and everything.

I got off the at the first stop immediately we heard some say it’s the biggest island, even though we were told to get off at the second. It was a small peaceful, remote yet beautiful Island, they mainly use chariots for transportation. Super excited at this point I am thinking, ” wow the beach must be really beautiful then”  I started walking to the end of the road where I thought the beach was and lo and behold no beach.

I saw people swimming right in front of the docks (ah mo gbe). I was so disappointed. At this point, I was tired so I gave up and decided to have lunch. It turned out to be the best seafood ever.

There were seagulls everywhere waiting to eat whatever we gave them. It was so beautiful that I completely forgot about the long walk and the fact that there was no beach.

Kimono : Primark | T-shirt: H&M | Denim Shorts : Topshop | Shoes: Flossy | Sunglasses: Dapmod | Bag: Nine West |

2 responses to “Istanbul Diaries- Day Three”

  1. Nedoux says:

    Hello Dodos,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I sincerely appreciate how articulate you are.

    You’ve managed to carry us along in your luggage with your well detailed decription of the sights and beauty of Istanbul.

    Now, I’ve included Turkey on my travel bucket list 🙂

  2. My mouth is watering looking at that plate! Liking that kimono, I have to say Primark know how to knock it out of the park atimes!

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