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“I A M I S I G O Presents Spring/Summer 15 Collection: TABOO”

IAMISIGO’s Spring/Summer 15 collection draws its inspiration from the Wodaabe, a nomadic Fulani ethnic group in the Sahel. Known as ‘People of the Taboo’, their magnificent culture is well recognized for elaborate ceremonies and traditional attire that often celebrate beauty and sexual freedom.

IAMISIGO respectfully pays homage to aspects of the Wodaabe culture deemed ‘TABOO’; from the years of silence taken by married couples after the birth of their first child, to the ‘yaakye’ festival where the men’s songs and dances for the women are rewarded with a show a sexual prowess. ‘TABOO’ pulls not only from the Wodaabe culture, but also from the contrast it provides to other cultures and what they deem as ‘TABOO’; the taking of new sexual partners, the years of silence between couples, the feminine display from the men, all pull together the collection.

The collection plays with a range of colors; navy blue, beige, indigo, army green and black. The fabrics range from crinkled taffeta with elastane, knitted metallic fibres, tape lace, needle lace and Gabardine to create ponchos, skousers, skorts, bomber jackets and strapless pieces. Without compromising on the quirk of the variety of skousers and skorts, there is a play with androgyny, while the black lace ponchos take after the dark harmattan night of the nomadic lands. The strapless pieces describe the fluidity of the Wodaabe women and their sexuality while the crops and bomber jackets reflect the coolness of living in the Sahel and the soft breeze that sifts through the sands.

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Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Makeup: D’artiste by Dodos

Creative Direction and Styling: Bubu Ogisi for BOFC

Models: Cynthia.I and Cynthia.O



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  1. thedumebi says:

    Haha. I read “models: Cynthia and I” so I was looking to see you. Until I got to the end and read the correct thing.

    Well done 🙂

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