0-100 Makeup Transformation


Hello Lovelies, while I’m of the school of thought that we are beautiful with or without makeup as I am a strong believer of beauty from within I also feel like we underestimate the power of makeup.There’s nothing wrong with not wearing or wearing makeup, there are good reasons for both Only do what fits your lifestyle and personal taste.

Its almost  a problem where you’ll be bashed or bullied online if you have a drastic makeup transformation video or photo, they also said girls who wore makeup have ” low self esteem” ” liars” ” doing makeup to impress guys”and all sorts. What happened to good old days where we wore makeup because we loved to, reasons to wear makeup don’t always have to be about being vain or wanting to please others. I DO IT FOR ME!!!


These are ” MY TOP 5  REASONS I WEAR MAKEUP “ and boy it was so difficult narrowing this to 5 but for the purpose of being brief here they are;

  1. THE ART OF MAKEUP ARTISTRY IS SOOTHING , IT KEEPS ME RELAXED:  Getting my makeup done is the most relaxing feeling ever from almost dozing off when an Artist does my makeup to enjoying ” ME” time when I’m doing my own makeup
  2. MAKEUP IS FUN: Yes the process can be a bit challenging especially when one eyeliner cooperates and the other doesn’t. LOL.But it is also fun! And while trying different makeup styles you also perfect your skills of applying which is great for your every day life!
  3. MAKEUP IS EXPRESSIVE: Makeup is self expression of my personality it helps me showcase and express my own unique style, you can almost tell ones personality from the kind of makeup they wear! I am a minimalist so I am naturally drawn to softer, subtle clean looks and the moment you meet me you can see than.From textures to colours there’s so much to explore with makeup.
  4. TO LIFT UP MY MOOD : Call me crazy but there’s something makeup does to be, maybe its the thought of having that nice fancy packaging , to the rich beautiful colours it instantly puts me on the HIGH.
  5. BEAUTY ENHANCEMENT: We are all beautiful in a unique way but sometimes I like to enhance  favourite features i.e I like my skin to feel and look hydrated, my skin is naturally dry and prone to having dried patches Makeup helps me achieve the right texture and look of how I want my skin to be.

So now that you’ve read my top 5  reasons to wear makeup, what are your reasons for wearing or not wearing Makeup.




In this video I’m showing you how I transformed from 0-1oo using makeup, please do not forget to Thumbs Up, Subscribe and Share.



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  1. Tega says:

    Hi Dodos,

    Your videos are entertaining and educative, the quality is da bomb! Doooo o. Pls I want to start a YouTube channel and I wanted what camera and other filming equipments you use, i ll very much like to work with you as I am a starting out skin care specialist and makeup artist. Thank you

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