5 Makeup Dont’s


Remember princess? My sister from Warri, well this happen while my blog was  down hence some of you did not get to see it but now its here, easy access! Sometimes  it bugs me when I see horrible makeup and this is from a good place best believe.

So I filmed this video featuring my Warri based sister Princess  and things get heated in this  vlog – 5 Makeup Don’ts – Princess does a hostile takeover of the vlog. You need to watch it to understand what went down but here’s what it is:

Boxy eyebrows, multiple shades of makeup on your face and body, over-strobing, the list goes on and on when it comes to my makeup peeves. On this episode, I highlight some of the popular but suspicious makeup trends that I find around Lagos and I talk about why they’re an absolute no-no. Interestingly, I get some help doing this video – thanks to my friend from Warri, Princess, who has some very strong views about my makeup tips. Check it out.”

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  1. The best advice that can be given to keep the face healthy is too wash the face every single night to keep it healthy and glowing. The best thing that can be done is use makeup remover cloths to take off your makeup.

  2. dodos says:

    Glad it was helpful

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