A day at Monte Casino




Hello Guys,

Day 3 in South Africa – I was still pretty exhausted from the activities of the day before. My body was quite sore from parasailing but still, not a single regret.

Today we decided to visit a couple of places, we went to Monte Casino which basically looks like a little Italian town with amazing props. It’s got incredibly high painted ceilings and Venitian styled boulevards littered with stores, entertainment and gaming centers.

It has two sections – each with painted ceilings that create two different illusions. One of a clear sunny day and the other end a beautiful starlit sky. It was incredibly beautiful; I really do not know how to describe it to do it justice.

We went to Comedy Central’s ‘Live at Parkers’ (in Monte Casino), had drinks and shared laughs before leaving for dinner at Cubana. I really wish I had pictures to show you guys but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any in both places.








IMG_0344 IMG_3174

Hat: H & M| Top: Asos | Skirt: Vintage | Bag: Vintage | Sunglasses: Dapmod | Sandals: Woolworth | Wrist Watch: Marc Jacobs | Bangles: Forever 21

Photography by Grey Woulfe Media



3 responses to “A day at Monte Casino”

  1. dleonalife says:

    Please keep keep stories coming, would use them as guidelines one day. You look fab, that is the outfit you wear to tour the city mehn.


  2. Aby says:

    Looking incredible as always!!
    I want to go to SA so much so I’m taking notes haha (and I’m very jealous)

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