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Hello Lovelies, I know what you are thinking right about now . Fitness ? Dodos? No I’m not a fitness trainer , yes I intend to take fitness a bit more serious this year. I figured being one of the keys to staying healthy is by eating right and staying fit .So it was absolutely an amazing idea when Obinna of FitNigeria came up with this project. 

Have you ever imagined what exercising on the beach would be like . THE BEST!! It was so peaceful , well just before the Area boys came to ask for money( lol typical of lagos ). Just being close to nature and the sea was calming , nothing else mattered such an beautiful feeling .

So back to fitness , Obinna is going to share with you guys some tips to staying fit in his words “Not sure what to do this Valentine’s day? May I suggest a nice evening at the beach, running, practicing some acroyoga, fishing or just laying down, listening to the waves with your significant other? Relax your mind and body and connect with each other as you enjoy the vastness and greatness of the earth.Utilizing the space around you to supplement an intense workout?
The best part is you can do this all with your friend, family member or significant other at little to no cost. Research shows that most couples stick with their fitness regimens when they train together so don’t go alone, let’s take a look at our beach workout to shed fat and build strength. 
*Note that the sand will add resistance, which will lead to more muscle engagement; the drier the sand, the more difficult. 
Equipment Needed:
• Water, Beach towel/Yoga mat, Sandy beach
WARM UP (12 – 20 reps each, 1 set)
*Warm ups increase the oxygen flow through your blood to your muscles increasing flexibility, reducing muscle fatigue and risk of injury. 
• Squat, High Knees, Plank, Push Ups, Hip Bridge
Option 1: Strength Training (3 Sets)
• 12 – 15 reps of Push Ups
• 20 Air Squats
• 20 Russian Twists
• 15 Lunges per leg
• 30 seconds of Scissor Kicks
Option 2: Cardio/Conditioning (3 Sets)
• Jog for about 20m then sprint 100m. 
• High Knee Run for 20m and back to start position. 
• 20 Jumping Jacks. 
• Side Shuffle for 20m and back to start position. 
• 15 Burpees then 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers.
Here are some of the photos beauty or lifestyle beach photoshoot, featuring Obinna of FitNigeria and I, we also teamed up  with Top Celebrity Photographer  to capture moments at Elegushi beach in Lagos, Nigeria.
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