Coup d’e-tat


Presenting the new collection lookbook from Nigerian fashion label Re Bahia by designer Orire Omatsola, tagged “Coup d’é·tat“.

The collection’s theme is one with depth and each aesthetic carries its own meaning. According to the brand, the “clean concrete tones of white reminisce of certain innocence now lost in the great taste of freedom. A freedom so vividly entwined with an audacious disposition, like the braids on the head of our warriors. Silk Organza’s and heavy crepes introduce a new paradigm to the definition “sexy cool”, exploring the elements of elegance and expressionism to the point where sexism is but a fallacy.

We love the creativity behind the collection with strong bold colours, simple silhouettes, tribal/ethnic accents, and print inserts towards the end of the lookbook.

Check it out!

Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015003 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015004

Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015006 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015007 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015008 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015009 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015010 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015011 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015012 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015013 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015016

Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015019 (1) Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015017 (1) Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015020 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015018 Re-Bahia-NG-Coup-dé·Tat-Collection-Bellanaija-March2015017

Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Makeup: D’artiste by Dodos

Creative Direction: Orire Omatsola

Model: Banke Su for Beth Model


3 responses to “Coup d’e-tat”

  1. Dee says:

    I love love the make-up you did here! It is gorgeous! + the design of these clothes are so nice! especially the jumpsuit and the red and blue sleeveless dress! Great Job!

  2. Onyxsta says:

    This look book is EVERYTHING!

    (Book Giveaway still on!)

  3. Inez says:

    Gorgeous looks.

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