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Bigh Studios and I collaborated over the weekend to bring you guys this amazing photo series. He played with the elements in the background and I worked on ensuring that the model’s make-up was in sync with the general aim for the shoot.

I love how the images turned out, they’re raw, other-worldly, and still quite ethnic in nature. The fusion of all these things, in a way it is kind of reflective of modern Nigerians – dark, hyper modern, hyper traditional, bright and beautiful. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

I’m very glad I got to work with Big H on this.The models were perfect, they brought our imaginations to life. I love it when something impromptu and spontaneous produces something so beautiful. You’ll definitely be seeing more of our work in future.


Bigh Studios

Phone: +2348133119531

Email: bighstudios1@gmail.com

Instagram: @bighstudios


D’artiste by Dodos

Phone: +2348139340801

Email: dodos.joseph@gmail.com


Beth Model Management

Instagram: @bethmodelafrica

Ninioma (Instagram: @ninioma) and Chiwendu (Instagram: @chinwendu_u)


13 responses to “D U S K”

  1. chichiashh says:

    Omg! This is so amazing! Pure Art. I’m so in love. Fantastic job. Xx

  2. Jhenny says:

    Flawless. The model’s instagram is @chinwendu_u

  3. What!? This is so awesome!!!

  4. sisisingele says:

    Picture 13… I want that. So, perfect.

  5. ozzy says:

    i love you work. you are just good at what you do.

  6. Kay k says:

    I’ll love to model for you, I think your work is amazing.

  7. Bliss says:

    Hi Dodos, ur work is breath taking and amazing. Kip up d gud wrk.

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