IMG_9296Hello Guys, so this time last year I just quit my 9-5 job to focus on being a Beauty & Style Entrepreneur and now I am happy to announce I have been nominated for Female Makeup Artist of the year YAAAY! I am so humbled to be nominated by Exquisite Magazine Nigeria for nominating me alongside with very talented and inspiring women. This is to encourage you guys who might have been thinking about chasing your dreams please go for it!

To vote kindly text ‘ Eloy Iamdodos’ to 35070 if you are in Nigeria and international text ‘ Eloy Iamdodos’ to +2348028233484.

Thanks, Guys!

5 responses to “ELOY AWARDS”

  1. edith says:

    First u left us for way toooo long but thank God u r back,secondly congrats on been nominated I sure ild vote for you.And yes I v been thinking about quitting my job n focusing on something I love.but this just helped me decide.thanks.

  2. ohiz says:

    hy dodos i have try sending my voting with 35070 but its nt going through

  3. ohiz says:

    35070 is not going through

  4. ohiz says:

    35070 is nt going through

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