Hello Lovelies, this is the second look from my photoshoot with Wana Sambo as I have decided to separate the outfits into individual posts. This is the ” LOLA SLIP DRESS” and at first this outfit was not at the top of my list because you know I like what I like however Michelle Ellah ( WS Team) urged me to give it a try and viola here it is. I’ll totally wear this dress to a wedding or a dinner party, it’s just effortless.

I styled this dress with a rose head band, my makeup for clean but I went heavy on the highlight as that is my new thing at the moment – STROBING!

My favourite part about this project is how the photos look it tells a story and truly there was a story to this one. The level of creativity from the team was mind blowing, they surely pushed me beyond boundary. We discovered this wooden house on location and decided why not. One day could not cover all we can done with this location.

Stay tuned for more photos from the # WANASAMBOBLOGGEREDIT

Dress: Wana Sambo | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bangles: Forever 21 | Head Band : H & M |

Team Credits:

Photography by Anny Roberts

Art Direction: Michelle Ellah


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  1. Mysranne says:

    love love love…. your highlight goddamn!!!

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