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Hello Guys, I am on vacation with my friends to South Africa for 10 days. YES! 10 days of absolute bliss* back flips*. We are starting off our trip from Johannesburg and I will carry you guys along as I go. Day 1 we decided to visit Lion Park which is basically a safari wildlife park , I was pretty excited to play with the cubs. First, I had to make sure the van we were going in was secure as I had no intentions of telling my mom about hanging with Lions, lol.

The highlight for me was playing with the cubs even though I was scared at first when I saw a pretty big one.We saw different animals and the Lions were asleep most of the time, it was a perfect way to start my vacation.

Quick Tip: If want to go to Lion Park go on Thursday-Saturday as they feed the lions on Sundays and they pretty much sleep for 16-18hrs daily. The lions are awake and more active from Thursdays.


Photography by Grey Woulfe Media

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4 responses to “SA Diaries – Johannesburg”

  1. dleonalife says:

    I really interested in this, travel posts are usually my fav bcus it is like I am also visiting that place with you. Do have fun and pls keep them coming.

  2. Tuke says:

    This looks like it was such a Fun Trip!!!
    I can’t wait to explore SA.
    The Zebras look sooo pretty.
    I don’t think I have the guts to touch a Cub sha.

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