Sagittarius Woman


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It’s my birthday!
My birthday excites me, I don’t even need to be doing anything in particular to mark the occasion, it could just be a chilled, relaxed day and I’d be excited all through just because it’s my birthday. Particularly enjoy all the attention I get, my friends and family really go to great lengths to show they love me and I truly appreciate that.
All in all, it’s been a transformative year, a lot has happened (as always) and I’m grateful to God for seeing another year.

 Photography by Bernard Okulaja


16 responses to “Sagittarius Woman”

  1. Sarah Audu says:

    Happy Birthday girl! You look stunning and your dress is lovely.
    Princess Audu

  2. mizraph says:

    Happy birthday dear…Wish you all life’s best!!!
    Have plenty of fun!!!
    And yes!!! this dress, you’re totally rocking it!!

  3. ody says:

    Happy Birthday dear! God bless you gooood!hve a gud one!

  4. Chymoh says:

    yipeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Sagittarius rock. mine was nov 24th though i had to work. heard about you through Bellanaija, when i read the post where you did Ebube’s Make-up for a shoot and since then i have been visiting your blog but never really left a comment. first i must say i am really impressed on your work. you are really good at what you do well done. i don’t have Mr. right yet but when i sure do, you will most definitely be the one to make my day spectacular. lolzzzzzzzz. ehee! back to the matter Happy Birthday Dearie!! hope to meet you someday and in fact be friends with ya.

  5. Happy Birthday Beautiful!

  6. jibi says:

    happy birthday iamdodos, God bless you and grant your heart desires . i am just a really big fan who is always happy to see you and your hardwork flourish.

  7. Harriet says:

    Happy birthday dear… u look amazing.. (Harriet frm IJS ) ve fun

  8. Ose Matthew says:

    Happy Birthday Darl

  9. Kenny says:

    Happy Birthday Hun
    Pls I really love this dress were can I get one just like it x

  10. Rashidat says:

    Please where is your dress from

  11. bolaji says:

    umm…body is banging. *serious faced emoji* happy belated birthday!

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