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Hello Lovelies,

Today was quite disappointing as we planned to visit Robben Island which is basically an island where Nelson Mandela’s cell was, it has become one of the biggest attraction for tourists in South Africa. So, we decided to go on and tour bus round Capetown , the city is so beautiful. It has a european feel and I mean I had heard Capetown is a beautiful place but really beautiful is an understatement.

We decided to visit the Table Mountain which is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Capetown in South Africa, and is featured in the Flag of Capetown .It is a significant tourist attraction with many visitors using the cab cars or hiking to the top.

We used a cable car to mountain top with cabins holding up to 65 people & rotating floors for 360° views. It was scary but beautiful, the view at the top was magnificent.
 Top : Zara | Shorts : Zara | Purse: Nine West | Shoes: Vintage | Cap: H & M| Sunglasses: Dapmod|
Photography by Grey Woulfe Media


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