“The STYD Girl”


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One of my favourite online retail stores in Nigeria, STYD had a shoot the other day and I was the make-up artist. I loved how the outfits were paired.

First Outfit Monochrome Two piece: STYD | Choker: Asos | Cap: Asos | Shoes: Asos

Second Outfit Maxi : STYD | Shirt: Asos | Hat: Asos | Shoes: Asos | Earrings: STYD

Third Outfit Skort: STYD | Blazer: STYD | Bikini: Asos | Choker: Asos | Shoes: Asos

Fourth Outfit Skirt: STYD | Top: STYD | Choker: Asos | Shoes: Asos

Makeup : D’artiste by Dodos

Creative Director: Adesuwa Osunde

 Photography by Bernard Okulaja


2 responses to ““The STYD Girl””

  1. redbloom says:

    The outfits look really wonderful. this blog has earned them a costumer 🙂

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