Hello Guys, its been a hell of a while I have not blogged in ages as my website has been going through some changes as most of you have noticed. I also lost a lot of content 🙁 which I have to update over the next couple of days, so please pardon me as I bombard you with all that cool stuff. I have been quite active on youtube ( shoutout to all my subscribers ) and if you have not subscribed to my channel please do so  as i’ll be sharing all things Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle. Basically, you get to see the real me!dodos-whats-in-my-makeup-bag-bellanaija-may2016_screen-shot-2016-05-08-at-23-29-23


 In this  “What’s in my makeup bag” video, I am sharing all I have in my  makeup bag, my staple products and a brush I’ll never let go of ! As a makeup artist I’ve had several occasions where ladies would walk up to me curious about the kind of makeup products that I use in my personal life. So I thought it might make sense to do a video about this and I hope that you guys enjoy it.”


Lots of Love.


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